Friday, 22 May 2015

Project up date

I have been out and about birding round a few locations since my last blog, Trying to get some snaps of birds from the book , this I have found not as easy as I thought it would be having taken many of the species before.
Here are some of the birds I managed to get some snaps of.

Dunnock along the R.Allen

Collard Dove on the  roof aerial

Canada Goose Family, Longham Lakes

Common Tern, Blashford Lakes

Barn Swallow, Longham Lakes

Sedge Warbler, Longham Lakes

Lapwing, Blashford Lakes
Some birds were just to far away for any type of record shot or I did not have my camera with at the time and two were new lifer for me these are the species I have seen while out bird watching.

Nightingale = Lifer
Northern Wheatear
House Martin - tried to get a shot but not very good
Willow Warbler
Reed Warbler
Wood Sandpiper = Lifer and a very nice bird

19 bird photographed from the book and a few extras for replacements of the ones that I am very unlikely to see these days.