Sunday, 13 October 2013

River Allen walk

Another walk along the river Allen this month to carry out the WEBs survey to count the ducks and other birds using the water way.
8.20 am start weather dull grey and wet with a temp of around 11c. a good hours walk along the river produce the following birds.

Mallards 21-Kingfisher 1-Moorhens 2- Mute Swans 7-and Robins 4-Blackbirds 4-Wrens 2-Goldcrest 1= with Blue Tits-Goldfinch-Carrion crow-Wood pigeons recorded as present and then back home in time for the start of the Moto GP and before the expected rain.
Mallard in flight
Sleepy Wood Pigeon
Mute Swan 

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