Sunday, 5 October 2014

Brand's Bay again

Had lot of chores to do to day like  doing water changes on my fish tanks and then shooting off to B&Q for a new shower head and lead as the old one broke. Though this turned out good as it gave me the opportunity to nip over to Brand's bay again for the afternoon and hopefully to catch up with the Grey Plover  (these would be a lifer and a new bird for the Dorset list,) and Osprey and perhaps get some pictures. There was no sign of the Osprey but the Great White Egret was there again and it is a lovely bird. Scan the bay for the Plovers I spotted lots of Black- tailed Godwits, Wigeon, Teal, a Pintail, lapwings, Little Egrets, Redshanks and finally I found the bird I was looking for a lovely fresh looking Grey Plover These birds must look stunning in there breeding plumage one day I might get to see one in that plumage.

Record shot of Grey Plover
Heavy crop of a record shot - Grey Plover

137 Grey Plover #


  1. Oooh nice. Not seen one of those before. Couldn't get out this week due to a car boot :(

    1. There is about three in the bay but you do have to search for them,
      I will be over at Greenlands farm and Brand's Bay on the 18th on a guided walk with Birds of Poole Harbour I will have a look to see if they are still there.
      They are very nice birds .