Friday, 1 November 2013

Hartland Moor & Studland

31st October 2013,
Had a day off from work so  had a trip over to Hartland Moor with the hope of seeing some raptors.
Though the weather was not great with big dark grey clouds and a blustery wind and a heavy shower I did not hold much hope of seeing anything. A walk across the moor to Hart Hide accounted for some Meadow Pipits, Stone Chat. In the hide I sat a while looking out over the moor and scanning the sky only raptor was a Kestrel working the moor and to my far right were four Roe Deer, so after a while I decided to have a walk about and just out side in a large clump of heather and gorse I heard what I thought was a Dartford Warbler. I stood still and looked through the bins to locate the bird and sure enough out it popped on to the top for a brief moment before going back down low again.
On walking back to the car I saw a bird that looked like a Whinchat I got the Collins Bird Guide out to check to see if what I was looking at resemable the plate it did, though I am a bit concerned if it was, as the book states rarely in October could this of been a late leaver?

A heavy shower broke and I just made it back to the car and had some lunch and was trying to decide were to go next, with the heavy shower I made my mind up not to go down the track to Middlebere but instead to go and find Bramble Bay as I have not been there before. So with the rain pounding on the windscreen I made my way to Ferry Road and started to look for the bay. I ended up almost at the Toll for the ferry but stopped and turned round and parked up near a bus stop and crossed the road. I think this was part of South Haven. Out on the waters edge were Oystercatchers, a Curlew, Black-Head Gulls, Little Egrets, following the beach round to my left were more Oystercatchers, Curlew, Brent Geese and out on the water were lots of Great Crested Grebes and more gulls.

All in all not a bad afternoon birding and looking for places not been to before, must get myself a scope soon though as some of the birds were to far away for my bins and were just little specks on the sea.
List of birds seen today are
Meadow Pipit
Whinchat (possible)
Great Grested Grebe
Brent Geese
Black-Head Gulls
Litlle Egrets
Great Tit

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