Saturday, 15 March 2014

Durlston Country Park

Durlston Globe

A wonderful sunny and warm morning visit to Durlston to  look for the Guillemots,
It was long before I was walking along the Cliff path towards the ledge were you can look over the Cliff to see the Guillemots, and I was not disappointed with a very large raft of birds on the water. While standing there watching the Guillemots I noticed a bird just gliding along just above the waves with stiff dark grey wings looking through my Collins bird guide I soon found that I was watching a Fulmar my first official ( though I think I must of seen them before on walks there in the past) sighting while bird watching.
Birds seen on this trip were

Fulmar #
Herring Gull #
Great Black-backed Gull #
Guillemot #
Stock Dove #
Raven #
Blue Tit
Carrion Crow
Look across to Durlston Light House

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  1. Insaw a fulmar at lands end. Good to see you notch up some new ones.