Saturday, 22 March 2014

Green Land's Farm and Brand's Bay

Today I had booked on to the Birds of Poole Harbour guided walk at Greenlands with Paul Morton, with the hope of catching up with some returning mirgrants. One of the bird seen this day I was pleased to see as I thought I was going to struggle to one of these as I should have already seen one but I seemed not to be able to find any which I thought was very odd. The bird in queston was a humble Goldfinch.

The picture of the Goldfinch was taken in my garden as Ihave not got any picture of the as with taking my binoculars and carting my scope about I did not bother to take my camera which is a shame as landscape in very nice. so what species and any new birds did I see on this guided walk.

Goldfinch #
Skylark #
Linnet #
Mistle Thrush
Pied Wagtail
Dartford Warbler #
Northern Wheatear #

Brand's Bay
Surf Scoter #
Sandwich Tern #
Common Gull #
Brent Goose
Little Egret
Brand's Bay Brent Geese

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