Saturday, 13 September 2014

Longham Lakes

13th September 2014, I had an hours walk round the South lake to see if I could find the Black-necked Grebe that had recently turned up. After walking all the way round the lake stopping occasionally to look at Little Grebes and Tufted Ducks that were out on the lake with the hope I would spot the Black-necked Grebe among them.While I was in the process of doing this I heard a louad droning noise come towards the lake high up, looking up I saw a large plane which turned out to be the Lancaster bomber during the Bournmouth Air Show I was having a walk round the lake with my son when we saw the British Lancaster and two Spitefires fly over which was very nice but did not have my camera but this I did and managed to get a picture of this plane which turned out to be the Canadian Lancaster.

Canadian Lancaster Bomber
But I am digessing from my main purpose of the walk to find the Grebe so having walk all the way round and almost back to were I stared I spotted the Grebe feeding just off somes boueys by the island and through the scope I had wonderful views of this grebe taking fly of the surface of the lake and diving for food. Warning Just a record shot as he was just a little bit to far off for my 300mm Tamron lens

Black-necked Grebe

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  1. Glad you saw it. I may try saturday morning, but I'd imagine it has gone now.