Sunday, 14 September 2014

Portland Bill

On the 14th September I made my way to Portland Bill for the first time with the hope of seeing a Little Owl but this was not to be as I did not find him. I found the place to be very busy which is not surprising for a Sunday morning but I still enjoyed doing a bit of sea watching and on the day I had three more additions to my list and they were lifers to boot. Though I did miss a Short-eared Owl getting flushed by a couple of Kestrels by minutes, now this is a bird I would love to see in Dorset.
So this is the list it is only a short list for the area as I just walked about here and there not knowing were to go really.

Gannets # lifer
Shag # lifer
Rock Pipit # lifer
Pied Wagtails
Meadow Pipits
Northern Wheatear

So not to bad a list for a couple of hours wandering about and sitting have some lunch by the Obelisk
I will be going back though one day soon.

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