Saturday, 10 January 2015

Longham Lakes

Took a walk round the lakes on Saturday 10th to look for the Scaup, in the process of looking for the scaup I got a bit distracted by a female Pochard with a pale blue nasel band and I was trying to get the lettering which I think I have got but getting my note book out to write them this bird disappeared and I could not find it again the number was central letter F with numbers either side 24 F 24 thats what I thought I was reading.
While scanning the flocks of ducks again I was told that the Scaup was up in the centre of the south lake so I went up to have a look it took a bit of searching but I found it but it kept diving so it it a very hard duck to find and with out the information given I mostl likely would of past it of as a female type tufted.
Went back on Sunday for a quick walk round the lake with my son and had a wonderful view of a drake Pintail with a good number of Teal in one of the flooded pools on Hampreston meadows
a Med Gull and two Stonechats.
Great Crest Grebe
At Longham Lakes I think there are some nice wildfowl to get pictures of but the are always just out of range of my lens and ability to take decent pictures of them, like this Great Crested Grebe.
I have heard back from the ringer of the Pochard and it Banded and ringed in France at SAINT-PHILBERT-DE-GRAND-LIEU on 04/06/2008


  1. What lens do you have? I have a 400mm and I admit that I find it a struggle as well. I invested in a cheap bridge camera, but it's quite tricky to use at long distances.

    1. Not sure if I have already sent this.
      I use a Tamron 70-300mm and a Canon 400mm lens I tend to use the Tamron more as I struggle with the 400 as it is not image Stabilised and is best used with a tripod.

  2. Is it the canon 400mm f5.6? That's the one I have. It's certainly not easy getting crystal clear shots but I always use it because of the reach.

    1. My canon lens is the fixed 400 L 5.6/f SUM , not the 100-400mm one