Saturday, 24 January 2015

RSPB Big Garden Bird watch & A Walk at Longham lakes

Today was the start of the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch week end this is were lots of people record the bird for one hour at any time of the week end. This bird watch week end as been running for 36 year now and around half million people take part.
So this morning  a cuppa made and settlled to watch the bird in the garden from the kicthen window.
This is something I have done since 2012  for the BTO garden survey every week.
So what birds turned up in the hour.
Blackbirds but never two at the some time, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Dunnock, Magpies, Robins, and three Woodpigeon.
Some picture of the bird that turned up today.

Female Blackbird

Great Tit


Song Thrush

Later in the afternoon I had a walk round Longham Lakes hoping to get a picture of the female Scaup
which I found in the north east corner of the south lake but was to far away to get any decent shot of her hopefully it wil stick around .
I was sursprised that there seemed not to many wildfowl on the lake as the have been just few Teal, some Pochard on the South and North Lakes and the Tufted Ducks, Coots , Little Grebe along with some Great Crested Grebe. What was nice to see was two foxs sitting in the sun by the little pools at the south end of south lake.
Fox sitting in the Sun

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