Friday, 3 April 2015

Longham South lake

It is always the case with me if I do not take my I always camera find something interesting just like today due to the weather I did not take it and guss what.

Had a great afternoon on South lake, Spotted a Swallow flying over the north lake
a new patch tick for me was a Green Sandpiper on Hampreston fields and a very impressive sight of a large number of Mediterranean Gull flying about would these be displaying or hawking for the many insects that were about today? Then up in the south west corner were the Scaup usually hangs round was a very smart drake Garganey had good view through the scope and tried to get a picture with my mobile but found it to difficult. It was very nice to watch this little duck and at one point it was calling/or making a sound that reminded me like the sound when you run a finger down a comb gently. Then over west fields near the pump house another Swallow came in and went over the lake.

other bird seen were Greylag Goose, Canada Goose, Tufted Ducks, Great Black -backed Gull,
many many Mediterranean Gulls, Shoveler,and Gadwall

Managed to get back over to the lake and grab a quick record shot of the Garganey.

Male Garganey

Male Garganey


  1. Ooh, i dont think i have seen a gargany yet. I am heading there tomorrow morning.

    1. Did you get over to see the Garganey? I managed to get back over on Sunday and grabbed a couple of shots.