Saturday, 30 April 2016

End of 1st Quarter at Lytchett Fields

Went down to Lytchett Field this afternoon did not have much time to go down to the view point as spent 2 hours looking round the Pools Field and the Black Pipe area.
Added three new birds to the PWC and had a very nice time watching a good number of Black-tailed Godwit with some looking spectacular in their summer plumage. Also among were 2 summer plumaged Dunlin, would these bird be going to the breeding ground or on the way back already? I also found a Ringed Plover and a possible Whimbrel which was some distance and my scope is not great with sun haze and I am not fully confident with this species it looked like it had a short thick based bill with it curving at the tip and the plumage looked brown, though I understand some Curlews can have short bills so I am not going to include it on my list.
The last trip of the month produce another three new birds for the PWC (Patch Work Challenge) list
which is now  up to 88 species and a point score off 99. These being
Reed Warbler
Ringed Plover
Stock Dove

I have really enjoyed my visit to Lytchett Field these last four months and months they have been
This is a special place to go bird watching with many different habitats for the birds. I have seen some wonderful species since 2015 and since starting the PWC I have focused more and this as paid off with me finding my very first Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and first Water Pipit, sharing a close encounter with a Red Kite my son is first as well, watching Marsh Harriers and Peregrine these are just some of the highlights of this first quarter.
What will the next quarter bring I'll just have to see but hopefully Ruff, Wood Sandpiper, Little Stint
and finding my first or at least seeing a Curlew Sandpiper.

Cropped image of the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

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