Sunday, 17 April 2016

Longham South & North Lakes

Saturday 16th, after finishing a walk  at Holton Lee with the Poole Goup of the RSPB, I shot over to Longham for a quick walk round south lake. Could only stay for about an hour as I went out early to Lytchett Fields before heading off to the walk and was running out of time and needed to get home.
It was nice to see a large group of Sand Martins hawking over the large lake in this group I managed to pick out a few House Martin making this my 69th species, but this was not the last new bird as I walked along the west bank I heard that distinctive song of a Blackcap so I set about finding him which I did though not just one I found three 2 males and a female. So with that my last years list of species for this site got beaten now on 70 species for the site can I make to a hundred before the year is out?
The Highlights of the walk beside the usual stuff
Sand Martins
House Martins
Common Sandpiper

Sunday 17th, I headed off for another quick walk this time with my son, this time we went round the north lake . Their was a little bit of disturbance this morning from a large group of Joggers speed walkers going round the lake, but surprisingly we still managed to find a few passrines in the hedges with the best being two singing Common Whitethroats another new bird for the list now at 71 species ,two more singing male Blackcaps a calling Cetti's Warbler and a smart looking Chiffchaff. The Shelduck flew in again and settled on the pool in the field.


  1. My goodness I'm falling massively behind. I'm simply unable to get out at the moment as the wife's hours have changed and I'm carless. Be amazing if you manage to hit 100 species.

    1. Thanks Darren, Not sure I will make 100 species will give it a try,it would be good if I do get there and I will be amazed. If you need a lift to the lake any time Iam quiet happy to get you there if you like.