Sunday, 12 June 2016

First Longham trip in June

June 8th I had a evening stroll round the South Lake hoping to add some new birds but this trip I had no such luck. So it was a case of watching the ducks loafing about on the water, walking along the causse way I spotted 7 swift hawking over north lake. The reed warblers were in full song again with a few showing in the reeds along the edge of north lake on reaching the end of the cause I scanned the fields but not much about except for the shire horses, a few woodpigeon with a common buzzard perched up in a small tree watching the pigeons.
Common Buzzard
That was pretty much it on the birds expect one shelduck on the large island, but it was a intersting evening. The next few weeks will very hard I think to add any extra birds to the list hopefully I can get a common tern one evening or morning and just hope some waders might drop in when they start there autumn migration in July.
This evening left my site list still stuck at 81 species , but the motavtion is still their to vist the patch and even more so now having just started reading a Patch made in Heaven by Dominic Couzens
It is a very interesting in sight to patch watching and its like  I am mirroring my exsperences on the patch with some of the stuff that as bee written.

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  1. Hopefully I'll have some time to catch you up :) Grounded this weekend (again) but eager to get going. Oh and I just ordered that book too. I'm assuming it's all about Longham :)