Monday, 29 August 2016

August at Longham

29th August 2016

Had a early mornings walk well not that early only from 9.00am to 12.00pm, I am struggling to come up with anything new for the sight with only four new species seen for the year since the 17th June
(Unless you count the two model yachts and model boat plane I saw today on the lake and of course flying over) still Bullfinch and Common Tern have eluded me so far this year . Tried searching through the tufted ducks for anything unusual but most of them were a sleep or kept diving which was a bit frustrating. any way the best I could muster this morning was,
Gadwall – 2
Common Sandpiper – 4
Lapwing – 10
Swallow – 10
Great Crested grebe – 15
Little Grebe – 21
Reed Warbler – 2
Willow Warbler – 1
Chiffchaff – 1
plus the usual fare of coot, tufted duck, mallard, mute swan and gulls
27th August 2016

Had another trip this afternoon round the lakes, it seemed very quiet on the passerine front with just a Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff seen along with 3 Reed Warbler.
other birds seen are as follows
Mute Swan – 21
Mallard –5
Tufted Duck – 51
Coot – c100
Great Crested Grebe – 15
Little Grebe – 12
G B B Gull –1
L B B Gull – 3
Herring Gull – 60
Grey Heron – 2
Common Sandpiper – 2
Snipe – 1 first of the autumn I think for Longham ?
Lapwing - 1
Willow warbler – 1
Chiffchaff – 1
Grey Wagtail – 1
The water level is down to 13.5 metre on the water marker at the pump house approximately which is exposing some nice gravel round the islands.
as I was walking round the lake I began wonder why is it that Longham does not produce the high numbers of Green Sandpipers and no Little Ringed Plovers, Wood Sandpipers and such.
Is it do with flight paths taken on the migrator routes so the lakes are not on the flight path and to far in land? Also is there any that can be done to encourage Bournemouth water company to encourage these specie to drop in and use the place?
Phone scoped record shot
 26th August 2016

Had an interesting evening round Longham South Lake with 8 Common Sandpiper and 2 Kingfishers.
The Sandpipers gave a good aerial display round and round the small island at the top of South Lake giving a piping type whistle call as the went round.
It was nice to see that many flying together round the lake with there pulsing wing beats a calls.
And Gull which I think was a 2nd winter Greater Black backed Gull, it was much larger than the brown  juvenile and adult herring, also was a very bright white under tail coverts , neck, and head which look large with a long heavy bill with dark spot at the tip.
a bit of streaking on the chest and flanks. Upper parts looked black and white pattern.
very poor record shot of GBBGull

Poor record shot of GBB Gull showing size diffrence with Herring gull in the forground
 20th August 2016

Had walk round the south lake late morning early afternoon,
4 Swifts lots of Sand Martins and House Martins over the lake . notes of interest were 2 Common Sandpiper, 1 Hobby over and a Pochard at the south end of the lake.
and a Tufted duck with 4 ducklings.
Poor phone scope Grey Heron
14th August 2016

A quick walk round the North Lake this afternoon the high lights were,
Willow Warbler – 4
Common Whitethroat – 2
Stonechat – 2
Sparrowhawk – 1
Great Crested Grebe – 7

1st Winter Herring Gulls

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