Monday, 5 September 2016

A evening at Longham Lakes

Sunday 4th September.
Went over to Longham lakes this evening just to see what was about but did not expect to get stopped in my tracks.
I started to scan the Island from the slip way were I found 16 Lapwing then started to look across the lake then what’s that flying across the lake
I get the scope on it and it is a gull , a gull with a Black W going from one wing across the mantle and long the other wing I watch and it as a very buoyant flight  low over the water taking what I presume are flies of the surface. So I make my way round as fast as I could to the west side almost up to the small island to get a better view . I wondered what it was at first a Little Gull or Kittiwake, my first thought though was of Little Gull as it was smaller than the black head gulls, so I made a phone call to Paul for some advice  but I missed is return call. I made more note so I could check with my books when I got home. As the gate was going to shut at 7.30pm by the clock and it was 7.00pm now I though I better get a move on before the gate shut. To my horror when I got back to the car the gate was shut! but luckily the person you locked the gate was waiting for me. Told me it was a private car park, showed my permit and told it is only 7. 10 now only to be told they shut the gate about 7.00 to 7.15 so I should watch the time! But it was great to watch my first Little gull checked all my books and that what it was  brilliant. I tried in vain to get some pictures with my phone through the scope but it was impossible. This Little Gull now put my species list up to 87 for the sight and a point score of 94 for the Patch Work Challenge.

Little Gull

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  1. Brilliant stuff martin, I'm sure you will hit 100.