Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cattle Egrets

This afternoon after doing 50% water change on my 240 litre fish tank and cleaning the external filter.
I headed of to a little village that I had never heard of until recently to catch up with some Cattle Egrets that have been showing particularly well and pretty close. So I typed the location in to Google Maps on my phone and headed of late afternoon, after taking a wrong turn and going round in a full circle I finally found the field the birds were in and got my very first sighting of Cattle Egret but not just one it was five of them feeding all together with two Little Egrets. Delightful birds to watch as they walked about the field looking for worms and stuff to eat.
Buzzard watching over the Egrets

Posing Cattle Egret

One of the five Cattle Egrets feeding

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