Saturday, 17 December 2016

Longham Lakes

On a damp dank grey afternoon like today I went to Longham Lakes to see if i could locate the Water Pipit .
There is something about patch watching and Longham  which drives me on and on with the hope of finding new birds and one day to find something special.
So again I have signed up to Patch Work Challenge 2017 for Longham and Lytchett Fields, and as much as I like Lytchett I am going to be spending more time at Longham hopefully but will still visit Lytchett.
Any way to the birds seen this afternoon, I arrived at 12.50 to a cacophony of noise as 77 Canada Geese and 2 Greylags made for Hampreston Fields, a party of 19 Cormorants discussing their days fishing and the piglet like squeal of Water Rail rolling across north lake and another ear blast of one right by the north west corner of South Lake. Combined with all the wildfowl and passerines but no Water Pipits made the grey afternoon a pleasant walk round the lake.
The high lights
Shoveler – 11
Pochard – 18
Teal- 13 but no green winged thoughSad smile
Great White Egret – 3
Grey Wagtail – 2
lots of Tuftys and Gadwall
Water Rail – 2
plus a good sporting cast of passerines
Phone Scoped Great White Egret and Little Egret.

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