Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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29th March 2017
Had the day off work today and after an  early morning  appointment, I headed down to Lytchett Fields another one of the patches I record for the Patch Work Challenge, though I have not been down as regular as last year.
Had a nice calling Nuthatch and a Jay as I walked down Slough Lane, A couple of Bullfinch as I walked down to the Pools Field view were I hoped to locate a Water Pipit but no luck with those but 15 Black-tailed Gowits and a few Redshanks working the flooded Pool. Down on Sherford Pools plenty of Teal and the Green Winged Teal was on the far pool a Lapwing flying over going in the Bakers Arms direction, 34 Black-tailed Godwits.
After the going to the Fields I decided I would go and see if I could find my first Great Grey Shrike, I headed of to Morden Bog with some advise from Ian on rough location of the bird ( Thanks Ian ) I made my way to the decoy pond,but first I looked over the bog forest first but did not see anything so walked along the path next to the pond scanning the trees on both side hoping for a glimpse of the shrike.
As I was scanning a Swallow came it to view and I followed it with the bins as it flew across the lake and headed in Wareham direction,a Water Rail called from the edge of the pond as I started to make my way a long the path back to the car another birder asked if I had seen the shrike to which a said no that's what I’ve been looking for, We parted company and for some reason I stopped and started to look at the trees again round the lake, When I noticed the other birders waving at me so I hastily made my way over to them and the told me they located the shrike! The guy who was from Bath let me have a look through is scope just in case it flew off, after a little while we managed to get my scope fixed on to the bird which had it back to me by now but turn to show it nice mask and flew off. After a little bit of searching it was relocated sat on top of a dead tree given a very good but distance view but by the time  I thought of getting a phone scoped record shot it flew off again and I could not locate the bird. My first Grey Grey Shrike a cracking bird hope to see one again soon.

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