Sunday, 5 March 2017

Waxwing Blues

The Waxwings turned up again early Saturday morning but I did not have a car until 10.30 as I was picking up a new second hand car, luckily they were still there when I  went to collect the car, but as usual my luck was not with me as they apparently flew off 5 minutes before I got there!:( I Stuck around for a bit but with  no sign of them, ( will I ever see them my 6th trip) I decided to shoot of to Longham Lakes on arriving there was a light shower which turned in to a very heavy shower but luckily a friend was fishing the north lake so I sheltered under is big brolly,  I watched a Kestrel hovering over the causeway and a Sparrowhawk fly low over the edge of the lake and along the causeway just before the shower started. After the rain had stopped I walked up the causeway to look over Hampreston Fields,the 2 Great White Egrets were still there  along with a number of Canada and Greylag geese, Mute Swans and Gulls and a few duck in the flooded pools in the fields mainly Wigeon with a few Gadwall, Teal and a couple of Shoveler. Out on the lake it seemed very quite with the birds mostly Tufted Ducks and Coots spread across the lake, and the only reason I can think of was they got disturbed as my friend told me that the model yacht enthusiast were sailing their boats first thing in the morning.  the highlight of the afternoon besides seeing the Great White Egrets again was watching 36 Mediterranean Gulls fly in and settle on the water for a while before flying off again.

The new car


  1. Shame you are missing the waxwings. I too had car troubles so I've been unable to get out to Longham this week :(

    1. They are always turning when I am at work and flying off when I get there sure I will see them soon