Monday, 8 May 2017

Longham Patch May 5th

Dropped in to Longham Lakes after work this afternoon . Lots of shifts hawking over the causeway whizzing past at eye level and close at times. Then high I head shifts screaming as they do so looked up expecting a Hobby,  but there was not one about it was a very large group of swift easily c 200 birds. The best way I can explain what it was like is like this a large dark mass like when you see a large herring ball  on the documentary programs.  All the birds were travelling in a west ward direction it as spectacular. On the south side of the island two Shelduck we're  a sleep, but the best bird of the afternoon was a wonderful Osprey that came in from the southeast over south lake. It was harassed by the gulls so turned drifted over Samuel's Wood and looked like it was following the river going south southeast? I was quite excited to see an Osprey over Longham Lakes a site first for me but at the same time I was annoyed with myself for leaving my SD card of the Slr in the laptop after down loading the recent pictures I took of the Bonaparte's Gull, which was still on north lake in the north west corner of the lake.

All the above picture of the Bonaparte's Gull were taken om 3rd May

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