Thursday, 11 May 2017

Longham Patch May 7th

Just a short Blog this time as I did not have any time to go birdwatching on the week of the 6th-7th May.
Saturday I spent most of the day doing  D I Y stuff and running round shops for various items and in the late afternoon and all evening spent my time in the Poole A&E department with my wife.

Getting late home from the hospital Saturday night I slept well and was up late on Sunday morning not expecting to do much, expect for doing a large water change on my 4 foot fish tank I was having a lazy morning. That was until I had a Tweet from Darran Jones ( Thanks Darran) a rival ;) birder/competitor of the Patch Work Challenge were we both  have a go at seeing as many birds we can at Longham Lake Darren is catching me up slowly but I do have the advantage of being able to get to the site more often and have a scope, though Darran does take some very nice picture and the are a lot better than my efforts.
So when I read is tweet I dropped everything and said to the wife I am going to Longham I have just got to go! As there are certain birds I would like to see at Longham and read 3 Black Terns resting on a buoy on South Lake that was it I was off like shot.
I quickly arrived at the lake and scanned from the slipway  and found one of the Terns flying around, see Darran and other birds on the west side of the lake I hastily made my way to them  were I had very good views of the Terns resting and hawking over the lake, a few record shots were taken so I made my way along the causeway  were I saw the long staying Bonaparte's Gull again on North Lake getting harassed by the Black-head Gull.
Black Tern

Black Tern showing a black head and smokey grey upper parts

Black Tern- black under parts contrasting with the smokey grey under wing
Thanks to Darran tweets these Black Tern brings me up to 93 species for the site this year..


  1. You're easily going to get past 100 this year :)
    Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Darran I hope so just need the 7 for the hundred. But which 7 could it be I have missed some like Gargany. Common Term and wheatear.