Saturday, 6 December 2014

A good week-end birding

After spending over an hour at the barbers with my son to get our hair cut it was a bit late to go over to the moors  so I spent some time in the garden trying to get a photo of the male Blackcap that as most likely come from centrel europe and decided to over winter in our and the surrounding gardens.
But as soon as stepping out in to the garden he went and sat in a bush not to move until I went back in side so no picture of him but did manage to get a couple of other garden birds.


So after a spot of lunch I head off to Longham Lakes as weather was very good and I hoped to get a picture of a Pochard, though I did see Pochard they were Just to far way .
Had a good walk round the lakes and saw a lot of birds these were the many Coots.Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans that always seem to be about and with them 10 Little Egrets the most I have seen there so far. Teal, Wigeon, Shovler Little Grebes,Grey Heron, Canada Geese, Greylag Geese two Green Woodpeckers and a Fox.

7th Dember 2014 and a Dorset Rarity
This day my son and I headed over to RSPB Arne, but on the way I stopped of at Slepe Heath to look for a couple of birds that got reported yesterday. So we made our way up the hill to the advantaged point to look over the moors and fields to see these birds which were Geese and these geese were Bean Geese(Tundra) there were a couple of folk up on the ridge and they pointed out the geese and I scoped a distance view of these Geese though the light was not brilliant I managed to see there orange legs and orange bill, short thick neck and rounded head and dark upper parts.
My 150th bird and mission achieved . While looking round we saw a Great White Egret, two Kestrels and a small herd of Sika Deer came running past no more than 20feet from use a great sight.

We then moved over to Arne and Coombe Heath were we had good views of Avocets possible a flock of about 300 and a large flock of Lapwing on the wing and Brent Geese so I looked for a raptor and soon found a Marsh Harrier working the reeds and creeks for prey.

Bean Geese (Tundra) # 150

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