Saturday, 27 December 2014

Garden Bird Watch & then RSPB Arne

This morning I watched the birds in the garden for the BTO Garden Bird Watch Survey  , this is were I watch/monitor the bird species that use the garden through out the year. I do not get many different species in our garden though but what we do get as been interesting to watch, and one bird I look forward to seeing is the over wintering Blackcap which most likely come from central Europe.
They useal arrive by November (male) and by December (Female), the female usually chase away the male which as happened as I have not seen the male now since the 12th of December and first spotted the female on the 26th December, up date just seen the male Blackcap in the garden with the female. I have recorded Blackcaps returning to the garden from December 2nd 2012, here are a couple of pictures from January 2013 & March 2013.

Female Blackcap 19th January 2013

Male Blackcap 11th March 2013

After recording the birds went went over to Arne for the afternoon, it was very busy and did not see many birds as we went up to Shipstal view point through the wood and round the beach a cliff path,
though we did see a Raven,Kestrel,Shelduck, Teal, Black-tailed Godwit, Redshank, Little Egret, Spoonbill, Goldcrest, Long-tailed Tits and heard a Dartford Warbler.
On our way back through the wood we came across a couple of Sika Hinds and a Stag we were have great views of the Stag and get very close which would of given me a great oppertunaty to get a very good picture ( better than the one I got anyway) until some muppet managed to let their dog slip its lead ( how that happened I do not know)  which chased the stag which took flight not to be seen again!

View fronm Shipstal view point

View form the steps at Shipstal point

View from the steps

Sika Hind
Sika Stag, I converted one of the pictures to black & white  as i like the look of it.

Sika Stag Arne Wood

Stag marking it territory 
Stag Marking its tree Arne Wood

The Black and white shot of the same Stag.

Yes this is my Tre


  1. Nice shots of the stag Martin. I went out to longham this morning but it wasn't too successful in terms of new birds.

    1. Thanks, went to Longham this afternoon from about 13.30-1600hrs no new birds, but a new one for the sight for me was a Grey Wagtail.
      It a pitty that the water was not as low as it is now when the waders were moving through

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