Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Walk

Took a walk along the river Allen after Christmas lunch just to see what was about and get some fresh air.
It seemed rather quiet on the bird front though I did spot one or two about from Mallards, Moorhens and Mute Swans and one bird that I always really like seeing along the river but never seem to be able to get a very good picture of it/them as they are always moving and bobbing their tail up and down and the bird is a Grey Wagtail. This is a picture of one of the birds I took last year.

Grey Wagtail R.Allen 2013

Walking further along the Allen I spotted a little Robin in a willow and with the late afternoon sun illuminating the twigs I thought it looked rather nice but when I took the picture it as not come out as good as it looked with the naked eye

The Mute Swan family is still about and their only surviving cygnet is starting to look more like it mum & dad, think it will not be long before they chase him/her away from the territory .

Mute Swan

Juvenile Mute Swan  told by retained brown feathers

Mute Swan
On the way back along the river I came across a Blackbird searching the fallen leaves  for food so took a couple of quick snaps and from on of the pictures I could tell ( I think if I read correctly) that this Blackbird is one of this year juvenile birds as it is still retaining some brown feathers at the Primary coverts and Secondaries

Male Blackbird showing retained brown feathers

Last one same Blackbird

Male Blackbird


  1. Looks like a nice little stroll. Are you restarting your list in the new year martin?
    Hope you had a good christmas.

  2. Yes will keep my list going still got lots of birds I would like to catch up with again next year.