Monday, 22 February 2016

7th Visit to Lytchett Fields

Saturday 20th I took another trip down to the fields to see what I could find, it is only my 7th visit so far with only being able to go Friday afternoons if I'am lucky or it is weekends only, so way behind those that go regular . It being a weekend the weather was grey dull with light drizzel at times turning in to rain on the way home.
Despite the weather I still managed to have an enjoyable few hours looking for new species to add to the list.
While walking down Slough Lane I was seeing all the usual suspects like blue and great tits, goldfinch and some siskins and it was not long before I added the first new bird with a Nuthatch in one of the Oak trees along the lane, at the bottom of the lane I spotted a Great Spotted Woodpeck and 3 Bullfinch.

  I scanned the Pools Field for the Water Pipits and Rock Pipit that had been seen by others but at a distance and on such a gloomy afternoon, I could only make out what I thought were Meadow Pipits.
So I went and had a look out in Black Pipie Bay and here I ticked off another for the list and a first for this bay in the form of 5 Red-breasted Mergansers. Also here I watched 22 Wigeon come flying in and it was a good exerise to watch there jizz and plumage patten as they came in and land on the water.
Walking down the lane

The Yellow Boat
 After  this I made my a back down the lane to the other  view points at Frenches Point and Sherford Pools. The first view point I went to was Frenches Point to look over the mud were I found 68 Shelduck and 2 Greylag geese tucked up over on the far side of the mud sheltering from the wind. The third species found so far, but the fourth was a easy one I should of recorded on the first visit and all the other visits it was  Mallards
While watching over Sherford Pools I was treated to a large flock of Lapwing with a good group of Dunlin mixed in ,come flying in and wheel about here and there before landing, a wonderful site .
And then the rain started and so I made my way back along the lanes and back home as it was starting to get late.

View of Frenches field from the birdge

The wooden bridge I was standing on taking the above picture
 The list now stands at 65 species seen with 73 species point accumalated so far
The new birds for today.
Red-breasted Merganser
Greylag Goose

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