Monday, 15 February 2016

Longham & Lytchett Weekend Patchwatch

Saturday 13th February,
Had a trip over to the lakes today after going to the vet ( I am alright by the way) to see if I could added any more species to the PWC list.  I was surprised how cold it felt this afternoon with the wind cutting right through meas I stood on the west bank looking over Hampreston Fields, and also that most of the water in hampreston fields had gone back in to the river.
About half way along the west bank I stopped and started to count the Black-headed Gull which was a good decision as among the c130 I found 3 Mediterrenean Gulls so it just goes to show it is worth count gulls
I had a good walk with 33 species found and three new ( I forgot about the Wren) ones bring my Longham list up to 53 species so far which I am pleased with as last year I only managed to find 63 species which is very poor I think for a sight like Longham.
this is just some of the high lights

Pochard - 30
Tufted Duck - 62
Gadwall c33
Shoveler - 5
Black-headed Gull c130
Buzzard - 2
Kestrel - 1 male
Redwing - 20
Greenfinch - 4
Meadow Pipit - 1

Mediterrenean Gull - 3
Collared Dove -  2
Wren -1
Meadow Pipit
South Lake the Largest of the two lakes

The same Meadow Pipit above

Sunday 14th February
This morning early afternoon I had to go to Holt Cemetery and had a great view of a female sparrowhawk that flew in front of the car and then flying along the hedge row just in front and to the side of me of course I slowed down to watch though did have a job to keep me eyes on the road. Also at the cemetery 2 Ravens flew over and 3 Buzzards circling over head.

After this I went to Lytchett Fields were I finally added Greenshank and Buzzard to my PWC list. Other birds seen were a good number of Lawings wheeling about after a wildflower let off is shot gun some were out in the bay area.   I added two new bird to the list which I should of got a lot earlier I am sure doing tow patch watchies I am missing good bird at either place. The new birds are in bold.                 Avocet - 2 PF
Black-tailed Gwits - 2 PF
Greenshank - 1 PF
Redshank - 4 PF
Lapwing - 28 settled on PF more on SP but kept flying about.
Snipe - 3 SP
Goldcrest - 2 one in the lane the other in approach field
Kestrel-1 in approach field
Buzzard - over fields along the lane.

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  1. Looks like you have had a good weekend.
    Be warned though, I'm off from Wednesday, so will be attempting to beat your current placing :P