Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Great Find

 (12/03/2016), Saturday  morning I got up not sure whether to go and see the Pala's Warbler at Portsham or go to one of my patch work challenge site. So while having a brew I thought about it and decided to go to Lytchett Fields I really like this place it seems to have everything from lanes lined with hedges, small wooded area open Pasteur and flooded pools and salt marsh and a large bay which is good when the tide is out and not bad when in ,in the winter.
The place as given me some nice lifers last year and a new this year, there is something special about the place and it seem to produce the goods. I do not now if this is because I spend more time there now or I am getting to be a better birder? or both?
Saturdays walks was  wonderful I had the place to my self and just wondered round watching and ticking of the birds seen. As I walked down Slough Lane near to the cottage I ticked off the visit new bird for the list with a Jay. I got to the Pools field and started scanning for any Water Pipits but alas there were none today, while doing this a Raven came in from now were and nabbed what looked like a frog the second new bird for the list. There was not much on the Pool a few Redshank, Little Egret, some Teal and a Green Sandpiper so after watching this bit for a bit I headed of to the fields.
Walking down the muddy lane the birds were in good song with Robins and Great Tits proclaiming the territories.
But as I neared the style I got a shock  looking up in to the trees looking for Treecreeper I suddenly heard a sound a sort of piping squeaking sound that I had not heard before so I started scanning the tree when I saw a small bird and thought now way can it be, I started to shake with excitement as I watched the bird through my binoculars. Then i remember I had my camera and I had to try and get some captures of this new bird, a lifer, and a bird I have always wanted to see!! The bird was a very tiny woodpecker no bigger than a sparrow, it was a wonderful male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker a real grab the air moment and shout yes inside my mind I was so excited,here are some record shot of the bird.

Male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

The back of a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

A capture showing how small this woodpecker is
The Lytchett list is now up to 73 species with the lastest birds seen in bold below.

Red Kite 06/03/16
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker = Lifer

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