Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A local Twitch

This afternoon I final made time to go and see the Pallas's Warbler at Portesham
but first I head over to Durlston with the hope of catching up with some Razorbills and Guillimots but they were not there so after watching a Adder and getting a distance photo . I headed off to go Portesham but on the way I was think how do I get there from this direction when all of a sudden I had flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror, I pulled over at the nearest point I could and the car pulled in behind me, were this unmarked car came I do not know so they did me for doing 40 mph in a 30 mph zone I should have been more aware of the speed signs so now I have got to go on a driver aware course.
I eventually found the car park after asking a couple of birders I saw walking along the road and got direction for the bird.And what a lovely little bird it is, I do hope I get to see one of these again.
The bird is only 9-10cm long and about 4-7 grams in weight, it breeds in Siberia, through Northern Mongolia to Northeastern China and winters in subtropical China and in parts of Asia .
This little bird though as spent the last four maybe five weeks in Dorset so as most likely wintered here for a while. It will not be long be until it takes off on its long flight of 5,000 Km to its breeding grounds.
The photo does not do the bird justice it was a lovely looking bird with a yellow median crown stripe, yellow supercilium and black eye stripe. Two yellow wing bars and a primrose yellow rump with white under parts, just lovely to watch.
Adder at Durlston

Pallas's Warbler.

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