Friday, 17 February 2017

The Longham Patch 17th February

After a long awkward and tricky morning at work, you know one of those mornings when the gremlins get into everything.
When 1.30pm came round it was good to be going and off to Longham Lakes my plan was to search for a Bullfinch as last year I did not find one until the 18th November.
I know they are there but they do not show or call when I am about. Walking round North lake first head up past the vistors centre scanning the hedge row and trees along they way for the Bullfinch.
But the only birds I found there were a couple of Chaffinches, Dunnock a Great Tit  and Robins,out on the lake 12 Pochard some Tuftys and a pair of Great Crested Grebes attempting( half heartily it seemed) a weed dance.
Making my way up to the causeway the Great White Egret flew from the island in South Lake and landed in one of the pools on Hampreston fields there was not much about in the fields a part for a few Teal on the remaining pools.
I scanned the island from the west side of South Lake and had a nice surprise with a Water Rail showing well and feeding along the edge of the island until someone started flying there boat plane about which made the fly in to the reeds/ willow roots a long the causeway and 11 Lapwings from one side of the island to the other. With 20 Shoveler near the western shore made for a very enjoyable sight with the colour of the males and the drab females and the long bills.
Song Thrushes, Dunnock and Robins singing made a very pleasant and relaxing walk round the lakes after work.
Great White Egret

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