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The Longham Patch February 4th

Before going off to Longham on the 4th February, I had to nip in to town because when got to make a cup of tea and a flask for the moring  the kettle broke and I need to start the day with a good cuppa tea.
I t was late morningby now so I headed of down to Lytchett Fields with the hope of catching up with the Green Winged Teal and my luck was in it was still on Sherford Pools and showing well and watched it doing some display moves. Then watched a Marsh Harrier from the black pipe over on the other side of the bay near the Turnlin Moor screen fly past the houses and boats then crossed the water over to otter island and disappeared behind the tree. Then watched to Buzzards displaying they were talon grappling a plummeting to the ground then flying back up they did this a few times one pulled is wings in and dived very fast it seemed and came back up just as fast wonderful to watch. I did not stay until the tide went out as I headed of to Longham Lakes.
Record shot of the Lytchett Fields Green winged Teal

Record shot of Green Winged Teal
By the time I got to Longham Lakes it was late afternoon.
As I walked up to the slip way I could see the water level was down on the large lake exposing large areas of shore line of the island and sides of the lake.While standing there I could  hear Wigeon calling, but was not expecting to see  a large raft of them just of the island I counted them as it seemed a lot and to my surprise there was 152, ( another 4 out in the flooded meadows) Wigeon and 6 Pintail. Hampreston Meadows were very flooded scanning the fields I found a Grey Heron a Lesser Blacked backed Gull and luckily thanks to a couple that were birding who pointed out to me the Great White Egrets-2 on the far side of the field on other side of the river,also in the flooded meadow I found 7 Teal and the males began to display. I also heard a Water Rail at the south east corner down by the river, out on the lake spread about I counted 20 Pochard but probable moor about than this as they kept on diving.
Looking across to the island from were they fly the model planes I could see a male Pintail a sleep among the Canada geese, Shovelers a.nd Wigeon that were resting on the exsposed shore of the island.
Even though no new birds were sighted this day it had be a most enjoyable day bird watching the patches after bad weather we had in the week. Still there is hope out I my next trip I could find something a Bullfinch would be nice or a Green Woodpecker at Lytchett as not seen on there yet.

Flooded Hampreston Fields

Tufted Ducks


Male Pochard

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