Sunday, 31 July 2016

End of the Month at Longham Lake

After getting my hair cut and sorting out the new TV I made my way over to Longham Lake for the last trip of the month just to see what was about and hopefully had an extra bird or two to the list.
Unfortunately this was not to be as there seems little about which as been the case for most of my visits this month with only the two new birds spotted in the month Hobby and Sedge Warbler.
Though on my previous visit I did have new site species for me with a lovely Grass Snake swimming along by the rock at the pump house.
Think one on the problems might be for waders dropping in is the high water level at present which is not leaving any shore line  exposed round the islands for them to settle and disturbance round the lakes so perhaps if any have dropped in the early hours they wound of pushed on by the time I get there in the afternoon, I must try and get there early one day.
The best of the best I saw to day were.

Common Sandpiper - 2
Lapwing - 18 out in the field
Little Grebe - 5
Swift - 1 which surprised me
Swallow - 6
House - Martin - 5
Green Woodpecker - 3 one adult two Juveniles

At the end of this month my species count is at 85 and a point score of 91 for the Patch Work Challenge.

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