Saturday, 2 July 2016

July 2nd at Longham Lake

Banded Dameslfly

Well after spending almost two days in hospital I had to get out on one of the patches today .
I was going to head to Lytchett Fields but my son wanted to come with me but go to Longham as he and the wife thought a short walk would be better for me having spent Thurdays in A&E then the night and most of the day in the surgical assement ward.
Having had 6 days  in June at Longham with only one new find ( a Peregrine) I was not holding much hope of connecting with anything new on this trip. Well I was wrong as we pulled in the car park my son was asking what are those birds, House Martins or Swifts having told him before they are swifts look at there long swepted back wings and brown colour and shape. When someting caught my eye but was much bigger the Swifts a round I jumped out of the car got the bins on it and yes it was what I thought the bird flew overer the visitor centre then out over north lake then came back with a flock of swifts screeching away. It all of a sudden put a great burst of speed and almost nailed a swift right in front of us, an awesome burst of speed and algility by both birds it was incredable how the swift just managed to exscape with its life.
Common Buzzard

My species total is now up to  84 and a point score of 90, with only 16 more species to get for the hundred can I make it I do not know but I am going to have a good try! It is going to be hard I know but I still have Bullfinch, Sedge Warbler to get and I could possible get Tawny Owl or perhaps a Barn Owl out in the fields that would be a great find. Hopefully some waders and winter duck could make it on the list?

Hobby - no:84

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