Saturday, 16 July 2016

Longham Lakes July 15th 2016

Dropped in to Longham after work, seemed very quiet, though Swifts ,Swallows and Sand Martins were about did not see any house martins though I expect they were there,
The high lights of the walk are as follows. Sedge Warbler phew thought I was never going to tick this one off for the PWC this year, now just need to find one at Lytchett, 3 Common Sandpipers, 13 Lapwing, a Grey Wagtail and my first sighting this year of a brood of 4 Tufted ducklings 
Searching the gulls I came across a gull that I am not sure about I think it is a Lesser Black-backed but what is getting confussed is the bill as the very tip looked like it had been dipped in black ink
Any one read the blog as any idea of the species please let me know. I find gull interesting but very complexed.
Gull IID needed

Record shot of Tufted Duck female
The record shot above of the Tufted duck got be a bit excited as I did wonder whether it was a young Greater Scuap as I could not find any tuft on the back of the head and it seem vermiculated along the flanks and had some dirty white round the base of the bill, and a round head but no pale check spot so must be a female Tufty. It's good to have bird like this as it makes you look more closely so when one does turn up I will have a better chance of getting the ID right.

 As of  9th July my Dorset year list is up to 148 species  I am not usual this far head with my list,  2013 = 105, 2014 = 151, 2015 = 152. Is it possible to get another 52 by the end of December? I suppose it is all down to what I have seen so far and what will turn up. This year so far as been great and very enjoyable doing the patch work challenge which as helped .
Sedge Warbler - 85th Species for the site

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