Friday, 29 July 2016

Pushing my Luck

Went down to the view point this afternoon from work, did not get there until 14.50 hrs traffic a nightmare trying to get off Ferndown industrial estate, then getting home to pick up the gear told the wife I would be back for tea.
Annoyingly I had to leave at 16.30 hrs as it was going to push it to get home for the promised time, just as the Sherford view was starting to look good. Had a nice time though going through the birds plenty of Redshanks and Lapwings
tried counting the Redshanks but gave up as a flock of Black-tailed Godwits came in a settled so counted these instead, though I did get to 32 for the Red shanks.
I need to get a much better scope ( roll on November) as I came a cross a bird that at first I thought was a Juvenile Wood Sandpiper then I though it was a Juvenile Redshank but I am still wondering whether it was a Wood Sand, as it looked like it had yellowish green legs but only a hint of a supercilium and what looked like brown spotted/mottled upper parts though the view was not great it also looked different from the many Redshank,( or have I got some kind of autumn migration madness setting in )  but I never saw it bob its rear end upper and down like the common/Green Sandpipers do so going to have to put this one down as maybe or maybe not.
Any way to the birds I did see and hear.
House Martin – 4
Redshanks got up to 32 before stopping
Black-tailed Godwits- 86
Dunlin – 7 in summer or partial Summer plumage
Common Sandpiper – 4
Greenshank – 2
Canada Geese – 6
Little Egret – 8
Little Ringed Plover – 1
Shelduck - 2
Reed Bunting - 1
And yes I was a little late for the required time I said I would be home but when you have a possible Wood Sandpiper it was worth the hassle

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